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I recently read a post on the blog In My Bag, about a new skincare brand called Skoon.  They are a proudly South African company that creates natural skin care – their products include pure plant oils, rich butters, delicate floral essences and botanical extracts, and they work on the philosophy of working together with nature to help stimulate the skin’s natural metabolism, by using only simple and pure ingredients.  Also – they don’t test their products on animals!

I’m all for natural and/or organic skincare – my skin can be so temperamental and I battle to find products that do what I need them to do, and still not irritate my skin.  You can pick from 3 different trial packs, so that you can test out the range as a whole, instead of committing to one large product at a time – the trial packs come in Remedi (oily skin), Make It Yours (normal skin) and Customize (you complete a skin analysis and your trial pack will be customized to your exact skin needs).  I picked the Customize option, and within an hour I’d had an email from the very helpful Stella at Skoon, asking about a couple of my answers.  She suggested trying their Prescription Peptide Resurfacing Cream as well in my trial pack (I haven’t found this on the site, but there are new releases coming soon and I’m sure it’ll be popping up there soon).

I received the most beautiful parcel via courier – a little drawstring bag with branding on, containing all my products, wrapped up in Skoon-branded tissue paper and ribbon.  I couldn’t even wait to get home to open it up, and take out all the products.

In my trial pack, I received little containers of the Purifying Clay Cleanser, the Regulating Toner, the White Cloud Manuka Concentrate, the Moisture Gel, the new Overnight Hydrating Mask and the Prescription Peptide Resurfacing Cream.

1. Purifying Clay Cleanser ‘Whitewash’ R355 for 125ml

This cleanser for oilier skin types contains white clay, manuka and rose geranium oil, which clarify your skin, yet don’t leave it stripped of natural oils – my skin felt clean and soft after using it, yet not tight and stripped of moisture at all.  It smells GORGEOUS!

2. Overnight Hydrating Mask ‘Ruby Marine’ (price still to be announced) for 30ml

I’m a sucker for overnight masks, and this one was no exception.  It smells very coconut-ty and delicious, and contains a blend of organic coconut, wildflower honey and Nordic marine extract to help repair and trap water molecules on the skin’s surface.  This mask saved me when I had flu last week, as my nose was red and raw and dry from constant sniffle-induced tissue use.  Every night I applied a small amount of this on my nose and it’s back to normal already.  As soon as this is released and up on the site, I’m buying some!

3. Regulating Toner ‘Elderflower’ R345 for 100ml

This toning spritz contains elderflower, neroli and lavender, as well as zinc and vitamin B3 to calm and regulate the skin’s PH after cleansing.  It’s best suited to oily skins, and while it definitely did it’s job and didn’t irritate my skin in the slightest, I prefer to use just a rosewater type toner as it calms redness on my skin a bit better.

4. Moisture Gel ‘Superfluity’ R595 for 50ml

Superfluity is a light gel moisturiser that delivers the right amount of hydration to your skin, without leaving it feeling heavy or greasy.  It contains phytosterols, ceramide 3 and fatty acids, and absorbs super fast and doesn’t leave a film on the skin, yet my skin felt so soft and hydrated – often even with a serum and moisturiser, my skin still feels slightly tight on my chin and around my nose, and I have to add a bit more of one of these products to that area.  This gel did the trick, even without adding concentrate drops!  I think this is also a fabulous product for hotter, more humid climates like Durban, as you won’t feel sticky.

5. Concentrate ‘White Cloud Manuka’ R525 for 15ml

This product shouldn’t be confused with a regular facial oil as it is an emollient rather than an oil – it helps to reduce water loss from the epidermis.  It contains manuka and rose geranium, and helps to nourish the skin and can help reduce breakouts from popping up.  It feels so lovely on the skin and smells beautiful too, so it’s a pleasure to use, and is perfect for skin that is prone to breakouts and blackheads.  I loved using this, although after a couple of days trying it out, I preferred to use it at night only, as the Moisture Gel was enough for my skin during the day, and my makeup didn’t sit on top of both too well. You can use the concentrates available either on their own before moisturiser, or add a couple of drops to your moisturiser.

(Also, how cute is the teensy dropper bottle? When it’s finished up – because I love it and most definitely will finish it! – I’m going to use it as my travel bottle for oils/liquidy serums!)

6. Prescription Peptide Resurfacing Cream

Skoon developed this product as they had noticed a specific skin type that most other products don’t quite cater for – sensitive AND adult acne.  Most products that are used for sensitive skin are very rich and soothing, while products that are for skins that are oily and prone to breakouts, with enlarged pores, are lighter and control oil in the skin.

While I don’t have acne anymore (in my teenage years I suffered with terrible skin, and used a number of different medications and treatments to try and fix it), I do have an oily T-zone and get breakouts on my chin, particularly at that time of the month.  However, my skin in the last 5 years has also become VERY sensitive and reactive to some products, and around my nose and my chin get badly dehydrated (not dry – as the skin here is lacking water rather than oil).  Stella told me that the Prescription Peptide cream targets enlarged pores, blackheads, breakouts AND sensitivity – something I’ve never come across!  Needless to say, I was excited to give this product a bash.

While I haven’t noticed whether my pores are smaller, I do feel that my skin is smoother in the trouble areas, and less likely to breakout too! Usually treatments that promise this irritate my skin so badly, and can even leave it with a rash, yet this did nothing of the sort and really soothed any irritation that was there.  This is a fantastic product and I will definitely need to get my hands on some more.  Skoon do a richer cream version (which I received) and a lighter serum one (which will be ideal for summer).  I’m not too sure when this will pop up on the site, but keep an eye out for it!

All in all, these products are incredible quality and all natural – really amazing for a South African brand! Congratulations Skoon!

Skoon also have some lovely body care available – Frangipani Flowers solid body oil, Vanilla and Blood Orange solid body oil and liquid oil.  They also have a huge list of new releases coming soon – several face products for sensitized skin, Bonfire Toffee Body polish, an aromatic body butter in Honey Pot, and other body butters/lotions in Vanilla and Blood Orange, Frangipani Flowers and Persian Rose.  They all sound delightful!

PPSSSTTT – Spend R500 or more on the Skoon website, and you’ll receive a free gift!!!!! 

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