Pinterest Tips and Ideas I’ve tried

I love Pinterest.  In fact it’s become something of an addiction, and I realised the other day that I had over 16 000 pins!  Very excessive, I’ll admit, but I’ve found so many useful (and some just downright useless) tips and ideas on this site that have really helped me.


I honestly didn’t realise until about the beginning of last year that I actually needed to WASH my makeup brushes.  I only had about 4, and when I read that I needed to keep them clean to stop germs touching my skin, I began furiously cleaning my makeup brushes every week (or at worst every other week).

I found a tip on Pinterest to use regular baby shampoo instead of a fancy professional brush cleaner.  I figured, what the hell, it’s cheap so I’ll give it a try.  And it works!

I have crazy sensitive skin, so the baby shampoo is fantastic at not irritating it, and it really gets all the makeup out of my brushes and makeup sponges.

I just use regular old Johnson’s Baby Shampoo (the yellow one).


I hate it when you have a gorgeous new pair of shoes that pinches and hurts in certain places.  These will usually only give a bit once you’ve worn the shoes for a while, but how can you wear them when they aren’t comfy??

I tried out this Pinterest hack to stretching shoes in just minutes, and it took my most gorgeous pair of wedges from ouch to wearable so quickly!

You simply pop on a pair of socks, pop on the shoes, and then use your hair-dryer on any tight areas to warm them up.  Then you walk around for a bit around the house.  You can repeat this process until the shoes feel more comfortable.


My biggest pet-peeve is dry skin.  You know when someone scratches an arm or a leg and you hear that loud scraping sound?  Well that’s like nails on a chalkboard to me.  I swear my eye twitches when I hear it.

Due to this I love body scrubs, and use them religiously.  They can tend to be so pricey though, and often they don’t have enough scrub to them.

I found a tip on Pinterest to make a homemade scrub out of coffee grounds, brown sugar and olive oil or coconut oil, and tried it out.  I haven’t bought another scrub since.  It’s amazing! It gets any dry skin off, and it nourishes the skin too.  Plus the coffee doesn’t only make it smell fantastic – it helps to reduce cellulite.


So I’ve been trying out a lot of self tanners this last year, and I hate it when they stain my hands or feet.

I recently found a tip on Pinterest to use bicarb to remove tanner from the palms of your hands.

It works and it doesn’t.

It works amazingly on hands that have just helped to apply tanner, or that got stained through a tanning mitt.  One of my tanners soaks through the mitt and stains my hands, which will then not even come off with soap.  A sprinkling of bicarb later, and it was gone.

BUT it doesn’t remove the stains once they’re set in there after a few hours.


I read a tip on using bicarb as a facial exfoliator – you either add some to your regular cleanser, or to an equal amount of coconut oil (the link says add essential oils as well, but my skin is sensitive so I skip this part).

When I really need to give my skin a good cleansing, I use a spoon of bicarb in my Sampar Daily Dose Foaming Cleanser, as this leaves my skin feeling completely clean and smooth, and follow this up with all of my usual moisturising products.  However, if my skin is going through a bad patch and is dry, then I’ll do the coconut oil with the bicarb, as it helps to nourish my skin at the same time, without stripping it of any oils.


One of my favourite tips on Pinterest is using essential oils to freshen up a room – you simply add a few drops to the inner cardboard roll of your toilet roll, and voila!  Your room will smell gorgeous until that roll is finished.  My favourites have been lemongrass and grapfruit oils.


Not just for use by men, as it turns out!  I found two tips for us ladies, using this after shave balm.

  • Razor bump prevention – simply apply the after shave balm to the areas you’ve just shaved.  I use it on my legs to prevent shaving irritation, and when I shave my bikini line, as it really helps prevent any redness/irritation/razor bumps.
  • Face primer – so many bloggers have also been talking about this, and it’s because it really does work!  It’s so much cheaper than buying all these fancy face primers, and it’s a bigger bottle too.  You simply apply it as you would a regular primer, but press/rub it into your skin until you feel it gets tacky.  It helps to soothe and hydrate your skin, as well as hold onto your makeup, and allow it to go on smoothly.
So that’s it! I’ve tried many, many more Pinterest ideas or tips, but these are my favourites, and the ones that I still use now.  They can really help you to save a few bucks, as well as have multi uses.  Just be wary that a lot of the pins that offer up helpful tricks can be duds – always look for good reviews.

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