Winter Wonders – plus a GIVEAWAY!

As each evening gets cooler and cooler, we’re being reminded that winter is on it’s way.  I love this time of year – winter is by far my favourite season, and the slow easing into it with our warm Durban autumn means that we don’t get hit by a sudden shock of cold.

Winter always means a few things to me – warm, snuggly jerseys and scarves, my favourite pair of boots, big mugs of steaming tea, berry hues in my beauty collection, and extra rich creams and lotions and potions to get me through winter, with my skin relatively unscathed.

Here are a few of my favourite types of goodies to get you in the mood for the upcoming winter months: –

A nice rich body butter
Fennel products (found at Dischem) are seriously underrated.  I’ve tried both their scrubs and their body butters, and I don’t think that their insanely cheap price gives them the credit they deserve.  Their scrubs are also great for winter, as they give you a really good exfoliation without being too rough, and they also leave your skin feeling nourished and soft.  The scrubs and butters come in a lovely range of scents and formulas, and this Argan Oil Ultra Rich body butter is PERFECT for dry winter skin.

An extra nourishing hand cream
You should use a hand cream regardless of season, but I know I need a richer one in winter, as my hands get super dry.  This one from Good Stuff smells beautiful, and their hand creams are always fantastic quality for their low price.  This Argan oil & Midnight Jasmine hand cream is also enriched with Argan oil, so it’ll be extra good for your hands.

A cuticle/nail oil
After recently getting shouted at by my nail tech/friend, for my exceptionally dry cuticles, I’ve been making a much bigger effort to apply cuticle or nail oil at least once a day.  I tend to get those little irritating and painful pieces of skin around my cuticles, and this only happens when my cuticles and hands are dry, so I have to baby them quite a bit.  This Essence Studio Nails Repairing Nail Oil has Argan oil in it too.

A great lip balm
The skin on our lips doesn’t produce any oil, so they’re usually the first place to feel dry and chapped, especially during winter.  We need to treat them really well because of this!  The Maybelline Babylips balms are incredibly affordable and good quality.  This Dr Rescue one in ‘Just Peachy’ has a slight tint to it, and provides intensive moisture to your lips when they need it the most.

Something to make you glow
Our skin tends to look dull and it lacks radiance in winter.  A primer such as the new Catrice Prime And Fine Beautifying Primer is a fabulous way to remedy this.  It’s a soft rose coloured primer that has light reflecting pigments in it to give you a really luminous glow.  I’ve already been trying out this primer (as mentioned in the post on my Top 5 Primers) and I’m in love with it.  It gives your skin a soft focus look and evens it out.  It just makes my skin look beautiful and soft and healthy.  This is just such a great way of combating dullness and lack of luminosity.


Berry coloured nails
I love a berry coloured polish on my nails any time of the year, but during winter it’s a definite.  Bright berry pinks, deeper-toned berry reds, plummy purples – they just make my life.  This Catrice Nail Lacquer in 108 The Very Berry Best is a gorgeous plum red colour, and the Catrice polish’s are really great quality.

Mauve or Burgundy lips
Essence has been launching some fantastic new products, and these two really caught my eye.  The lip crayon craze has spread to nearly every brand now, and to be able to get it in both glossy and velvet-matte finishes is great.  The Essence Glossy Stick in 05 Brilliant Burgundy is a glossy-finish deep wine red colour, and you can use it as a glossy wash of colour, or build it up to a much darker colour.  The Essence Velvet Stick in 02 Peony Star is a beautiful mauve-y pink, brilliant for every day, as well as nights out.  It swatches out beautiful, and is smooth and creamy.  There are quite a few different shades to choose from, but these two are so beautiful and perfect for the winter months.

And just because a girl should feel fabulous year-round…
I’ve slowly been getting more into lashes.  Not for every day wear, but for special nights out or functions.  These Essence Lashes to Impress half lashes are super easy to apply, even for beginners, and they just add that extra bit of volume and drama to your outer eyes.

And now for the BIG NEWS: –

I’m going to be GIVING AWAY everything I’ve mentioned in this post!  I figured it was about time to do a little give-away on the blog, and so I put together some lovely items that make me feel pampered and beautiful in winter, for one of you lovely readers to win.

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