30 Things About Me

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I’ve been wanting to do one of these Facts About Me posts for sometime now, and I figured, what better than to do 30 Facts About Me, now that I’m freshly into my thirties?!

These may all seem a little random, but it’s a great way to get to know someone’s funny quirks and oddities.

1. My favourite drink is tea.  Regular tea, with milk and two sugars.  But I’m really fussy on how it’s made, and it has to be nice and strong.  The BF has it just right 😉
2. I’m super short – literally 5 foot on the dot!
3. I have one younger sister, and she’s also one of my closest friends.  I’m incredibly lucky.
4. I’m obsessed with Unicorns and Donuts!
5. Although pink is probably my favourite colour, you’ll very seldom (if ever) see me wearing it.  More often than not, you’ll find me in black, dark blue or grey.
6. I love to cook and bake, and have even made wedding cakes for a couple of my friends!
7. I’m studying advanced makeup artistry part-time, and at the moment we’re doing the SFX part of our course.  So much fun!
8. I’m really bad about eating breakfast in the mornings, but I’m making an effort to get better at it.
9. I LOVE red wine.  All wine really, but red is always my go to.
10. I’m a complete magpie – one glance at anything sparkly or glittery and I become the heart-eye emoji.
11. My biggest pet peeve is dry skin.  The sound of someone with dry skin scratching could probably be used to torture information out of me.
12. I prefer sparkling water to still.
13. In high school I had terrible acne, and still have some of the scarring from it.  It made me painfully shy around people.
14. I’m NOT a morning person, and will possibly growl at you until I’ve had my first cup of tea.
15. I’m a dog person and have 3 dogs – a golden Lab called Lucy, a Whippet called Willow, and an older Greyhound called Layla that was adopted last year from the SPCA.  She’s my baby, and sleeps in my bed with me every night.
16. I love making lists – I have lists for everything!  It helps me to stay organised and stops me from feeling anxious about all of the things I need to get done.
17. I’m actually a singer – I trained for years and while I love it and do the occasional gig, I’m not as active with it as I used to be, as I just don’t have the time.
18. I’m weirdly OCD about my feet – I can’t walk around barefoot, and if I do, I have to have a damp cloth to clean my feet with.  I can’t stand the feeling of dusty feet.
19. My absolute favourite weather is a cold, rainy day.  Thunder and lightening are also a plus.
20. I’m a winter person, and while I like summer, I just hate the heat and humidity.
21. You’ll very seldom, if ever, see me without makeup on if I’m out of the house.  Even if it looks like I’ve got no makeup on, I often have a tinted moisturiser on.
22. My secret ingredient to so many dishes is sour cream – it makes scrambled eggs amazingly creamy, and mixed with basil pesto, it makes the perfect pasta sauce.
23. I feel naked with nothing on my nails, so I always have to have some colour on them.
24. I could watch the show Friends again and again (and I probably have already done so about 5 times).
25. I love pretty jewellery, but very rarely will I wear a bracelet or bangle.  The only piece of jewellery you’ll usually see on my wrist is a watch.
26. I could absolutely never be a vegetarian – I just love meat!
27. I have travelled to Mauritius twice, and to Zanzibar, Mozambique, Lesotho, Greece and the USA.  The travel bug is REALLY biting now too, so I plan on travelling as much as I can afford to in the coming years.
28. I love perfumes and have quite a collection of different scents, but if I had to choose a candle for my room, a good plain vanilla would be the one I’d go for first.
29. While I love to be organised and sorted in my life, with lists and work, my room is ALWAYS untidy.  Not unclean (it’s always clean, and it always smells nice), I just have a problem putting things back when I’m done with them.
30. My most favourite food is pizza!

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