1904 Bistro Américain, Kloof

A few weeks ago, while my sister was home for a visit from Cape Town, we decided that a nice lunch out with my mom would be a great idea – the weather was lovely here in Durban, and we felt like trying somewhere new.
1904 Bistro Américain in Kloof opened this year, and is a bistro-style restaurant with an American twist.  The menu is large and varied, and you can expect to find a meal to suit most pockets as well.
At the time of our visit, they were not yet licensed, but you’re welcome to take along your own drinks.  Perhaps check if their license has come through though, as they have a gorgeous variety of local craft beers and G & T on tap, which could be something tasty to check out if it’s possible!


Our first thoughts on entering were ‘wow!’ – the decor is stunning and very different.  The staff were all incredibly bubbly and helpful, and this made the whole atmosphere of the restaurant happy and light.





My sister and I had both started with a bit of a sniffle, so the three of us decided to have a ginger shot, just for general health.  I’m not the biggest fan of strong ginger tastes, so this didn’t go down too well for me, but Mom and the sister loved theirs.  You can see I grabbed an Appletiser to wash it down with.

Mom opted for a Bacon and Blue Cheese Salad (a staple for her), and while she complained that there was a lot of lettuce, there was also so much blue cheese that it made the lettuce ‘bearable’ for her – usually she’ll leave most of the lettuce, but this time the bowl was clean when she was done!  Very generous helping of the toppings.


My sister went for the Smoked Salmon and Chives Salad, as she’d been having a major salmon-craving.  The bowl arrived so beautifully, with the salmon twisted up into a rose on top.  While it was tasty, she did also complain that there was a lot of lettuce, so while there were also a good amount of toppings, the portion looked much larger due to the lettuce.


Me – I decided that one of us had to eat something OTHER than a damned salad.  While I wanted to try something delicious, I also didn’t really want to be throwing back the carbs, so I opted for the Buffalo Wings and asked for no chips on the side.  It still came with a choice of dip, so I chose the Aged Cheddar Cheese dipping sauce over the Roquefort one.  The wings come in 12’s, in a choice of 5 marinades.  I went with the SX3 (Sweet, Sassy, Sticky), and it was absolutely delicious.  The wings are nice and big, they aren’t shy with the marinade, and they’re super tender and juicy.  The cheddar cheese sauce was one of the best I’ve had anywhere, and trust me, I try cheese sauce everywhere I go.  Definitely a meal I’d order again.


While we didn’t opt to have a dessert, my sister took home a piece of Apple pie, which she said looked unfortunately a lot more impressive than it tasted.  I took home the fiance a slice of the Lemon Meringue Pie, which he adored – it was super lemon-y and creamy, and the topping was crispy and soft.

I do wish I’d been brave enough to try the multi-coloured layer cake though.  But considering that we were coming back from a wedding dress fitting, this was not going to happen.  Take a look at how gorgeous it looked though!


There were so many other delicious-sounding options, that I know we’ll be back for a second (and third and fourth) visit.  I’ve heard that the Eggs Benedict is fabulous, the Freak Shakes are just phenomenal, and I like the look of the Philly Cheese Steak Roll, Mussel Chowder, Chicken and Prawn Gumbo, Cheese Fries, burgers, gourmet hot dogs, and the fact you can get Dr Pepper there!
If you’d like to take a proper look at the menu, click HERE.
Have you been to 1904 Bistro Amèricain?  What did you try there?
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