My Mini-Me personalised lego lady

Last month I was lucky enough to be offered the opportunity to create my very own mini-me with Mini-Me Personalised Lego Gifts.

Now, if you played with Lego when you were a kiddie (or even if you didn’t), you’ll absolutely love these!  You can build up your very own personalised Lego girl or guy (or even superhero), from SCRATCH!  How cool is that?!

These bring to mind so many awesome gift ideas, like Christmas gifts for the whole family.  An anniversary gift (you could buy the double stand and create the married couple).  A birthday, Valentines, a ‘just because’ gift.  Or even make your own personalised cake toppers for your wedding or birthday cake!

I must have spent well over 2 hours scanning the site, creating my own little mini-Siobhan.  I had SO much fun!  There are over 100 different faces, hairstyles, hats and torsos, over 200 legs and over 400 accessories to choose from.

Here is what I finally created:


How cute is she!?  She’s actually smaller than I thought, which makes her even more adorable in my eyes.  I debated over faces for a while – there was one with a scuff on her cheek, which spoke to my super clumsy side.  I once face-planted so hard on the way out to a party (it was before the party and I hadn’t even had a drink yet) that I arrived there with a graze on my forehead.  I’m super cool that way.

Anyway, I eventually went for the happy little face with pink lips and cheeks, and long blonde hair.  Granted my hair isn’t quite this blonde yet, but it’s on it’s way there.  I love wearing black pants – black jeans, black leggings, black jeggings, so I obviously had to go with black bottoms.  BUT to stay true to form, I went with the short legs.  I think they’re essentially legs for a kiddie Mini-Me, but I’m 5ft tall, so it works!  See the difference between my chosen legs, and the regular legs:

Such short legs!


I like to wear pretty tops with whatever black bottoms I go with, and I couldn’t really find any in my regular styles or colours, so I went with this pretty corset top.

Now, the accessories section probably took me an hour to go through.  I was torn between a cell phone, a doughnut, a wine bottle, and then the two I eventually chose.  A pink lipstick (because what’s a beauty blogger without her lippie?), which my hubby insists does NOT look like a lipstick, but something a little more obscene.  And a wine glass (because wine), which sadly is empty.  Yet it fits in with me quite darned well.

I’m now on a mission to create Mini-Me Lego peeps for my whole family!  I want to get a double stand for the hubs and I and make a character for him.  I already know his accessories – a chicken leg and a book titled with ‘Coping with a high IQ‘.  Haha!  I even briefly contemplated getting one for my dad as a get well soon gift – he had surgery on his knee and is in a cast from hip to ankle.  There’s even a set of legs with a cast, and accessories of crutches!

The added bonus?  Each item you choose earns you Mini Muni, reward points you can use towards your next purchase!


Have you ever taken a browse through the Mini-Me site?  It’s the perfect place to hunt for that Christmas gift or stocking filler.  Go and take a look!


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