A fabulous pamper at Skinsation, Westwood with GoBeauty

A fabulous pamper at Skinsation, Westwood with GoBeauty

Last week I finally jumped into the GoBeauty app and online booking site.  Have you heard about GoBeauty?

GoBeauty – the App and the Website

It’s a fabulous website and app, that list a ton of amazing salons and spas, and you can search via location to find the ones closest to you.  Booking a beauty-related appointment can be SUCH a mission.  I know I’ve had multiple email conversations with salons just trying to book a wax.  They can’t fit me in a certain time and then suggest alternative times, none of which work for me.  These emails can go back and forth, and back and forth.  By the time you finally find an appointment time that works, you’ve lost all will to have the treatment!

With GoBeauty, you can browse local salons and spas, and then request a time slot.  You provide your contact number, and the salon will call you to confirm or give you the closest available appointment to that day and time.  Simple as pie – I requested for 10am on Saturday 11 November, and they gave me that day at 11am.  Once you’ve confirmed the booking, your appointment will be saved on the site and on your app.

You can buy vouchers for the different spas and salons, and find out what are their most popular treatments.  You can also find reviews on the different spas and salons on the app and website, great for doing a bit of research before you commit to a place.






Skinsation, Westwood Mall 

I was going to the lovely Skinsation salon at Westwood Mall.  I needed something to help me feel pampered and relaxed, as I’ve been very tense of late.  Silly season is upon us!

I’m quite fussy with my nails and pedi’s – I have my set salon that I go to (Simply Tipped) and I trust them to do a great job with gel polish on my finger and toes.  So I wasn’t too keen to have a manicure or a pedicure.  I’m loyal that way.

I was torn between an Environ facial (love!) and a massage, and eventually my stiff and sore shoulders won out.  I opted for the Full Body Hot Stone Massage (R425).  I love a hot stone massage, as the use of heat really does soften up those stiff muscles.

On Saturday, I arrived 5 minutes early so I could fill out a form – when you’re going to a spa or salon for the first time, you’ll have to fill out a form with your details and any allergies or medications you may be on.  Also, any preferences for treatments.  Arriving early allows you time to fill this out, without taking a chunk of time out of your treatment.


The lovely, petite Levashni then asked me to close my eyes and breathe in a choice of three different Spalicious scented massage oils.  I had to choose the one I liked the most, as the outcome would show what my body was needing at the time.  The options were Hawaiian Coconut, Marula and Arnica Mint.  If I’d been shown the options, I’d probably have gone for the coconut, but at the time I loved the smell of the Arnica Mint.  Levashni said that this was because I was obviously stressed and my muscles were stiff and tight as a result of it.

I was taken to a lovely treatment room.  It was cool and calm, with minimal decor, and a HEATED massage bed.  This is my absolute favourite when having a massage or a facial.  Super relaxing, and it makes the experience just that much better.  I also liked that the massage bed didn’t have just a regular hole for your face, but there was a risen foam part with a sterile sheet wrapped around it.  My face didn’t get completely mashed into the bed, and I knew it was sanitary.


Levashni asked me if there were any areas I’d like her to focus on, which was great, but she never asked what kind of pressure I needed.  I’m so fussy with pressure, as I like a firm massage (no fairy fingers here!) but I also don’t want to be feeling bruised, as that’s hardly relaxing.  She somehow, however, got the pressure absolutely spot on.


This has to have been the best massage I have possibly ever had.  Not only did Levashni get the pressure perfect, but she didn’t do the usual ‘dance’ of a massage.  I’m sure you understand when I say that therapists have a pattern to follow during the massage.  I know that she followed this, but if there was an area that felt very tight and stiff, or if she found a knot, she’d work on that patch a little more.  I actually dozed off about three times during my massage, not something I do often.


When Levashni had finished the massage, she popped out for a minute and came back with a warm, damp towel that smelled like lemongrass, and wiped down my limbs.  She then brought my a beautiful little glass cup and saucer with ginger and honey tea in, to sip on as I got dressed.  Such a small gesture, but it really made the treatment that much better.


I am SO glad I hadn’t put on my mascara before this.  After being face down and dozing, I would have had panda eyes, but I just applied a little, wrapped my hair up into a bun so it could fully absorb all of the oils that had been massaged into it, and I was done.

Overall I’m so so impressed.  I know that Skinsation is a franchise, with other salons around Durban.  Often a franchise can take the little parts of the treatment for granted, and be very cookie-cutter in how they do a treatment.  I thoroughly enjoyed my massage, and for the price that it was (R425), it was more than worth it.  I’ve had a lot pricier massages that were not even half as enjoyable.  Levashni is an exceptional therapist, and I will most definitely be back for another massage with her.

Skinsation offer a number of other delightful treatments – I’m interested in trying Environ Deep Cleansing Vitamin Therapy Treatment (R440), a ZO Skin Health Ultra Hydration facial (R850) or even a regular Full Body Massage (R400).


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**DISCLAIMER – while I was offered a complimentary treatment on behalf of GoBeauty & Skinsation, all opinions are honest and entirely my own.**


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