KZN spots to eat or drink with the Entertainer

KZN spots to eat or drink with the Entertainer

So you’ve spent money on purchasing the Entertainer app for your city, and the end of the year is looming.  All deals on the app are only valid until the 30 December, so you’ve got about a month and a half left to use them up.  Do you just shrug it off, because you don’t know which deals to use up?

This is where I come in.  I saw that Rachel from Top Knotch did a post on blog on the Five Restaurants to try in Cape Town using the Entertainer, and I thought to myself, why don’t I do a similar thing for Durban!  There are so many wonderful gems to try out, and Hubs and I have discovered so many fantastic restaurants this year, some of which are available on the Entertainer.

Did you also know that the Entertainer also has some ‘Cheers’ specials, where you can get great deals on not only meals but drinks too?  I’m going to share the best places to grab both drinks and meals.  So, if you’re Durban-based, then keep on reading!

Lucky Shaker, Umhlanga

This place has the most incredibly unique cocktails.  I went there at the beginning of the year and tried the Winter Punch, a mix of Bulleit Bourbon, rum, apple, grapefruit, chai, milk and winter spices.  What was so insane is that the drink was COMPLETELY CLEAR, yet I could taste milk?  Apparently they strain it all out so only the flavour remains.  Completely and utterly my kind of drink, and I’d definitely order it again.


Also incredible is their Lost In Translation (Absolut Elyx, coconut, Aperol, pineapple and soda, and served in a rose gold pineapple) that I had on my bachelorette party in Umhlanga.  The Luck Dragon is light and refreshing too, a mix of vodka, ginger, lemon, litchi and soda.

With the Entertainer, you can grab 2 for 1 cocktails (and main menu items too).

Stokers Arms, Kloof

Stokers has long been a favourite of mine.  It’s close to home, they serve up some fabulous pub grub, and it will always hold a soft spot for me as I used to waitress there when I was still studying.

Portuguese Pizza

They have some really great burgers on offer, as well as pizzas (try the Portuguese, with chorizo, feta, olives and cream cheese stuffed jalapeño slices).  Their pies and prego rolls are also delicious!

With the Entertainer, you can grab 2 for 1 main menu meals.

El Toro, Durban North

El Toro is my absolute favourite place to go for Mexican food.  Some of the dishes are unlike any others I’ve seen, such as the Lamb & Paneer nachos, our go to order each time we visit the restaurant.

Lamb & Paneer Nachos

Their Pollo Tacos are also delicious.  You can order them crispy or soft, and have a choice of plain, paprika or charcoal.  These ones are filled with roast pulled chicken, burnt corn mash, grilled seasonal veg and rosemary creme and are DELICIOUS.


They also have a nice variety of different tequilas, as well as some really great cocktails.

With the Entertainer, you can grab 2 for 1 main menu meals, as well as cocktails, shooters and selected house beverages.

Butcher Block – Hillcrest, Florida Rd or Umhlanga

Yep – all three of the Butcher Block KZN franchises are on the Entertainer!  I’ve eaten at both the Hillcrest and Florida Road branches, and both meals were fantastic.

Jalapeño + Biltong Burger

Their burgers are absolutely fabulous, with some great topping ideas (the BBC with bacon, biltong shavings and cheese, both cheddar and mozzarella is melt-in-the-mouth good, and the Mushroom burger with cheddar cheese and mushroom sauce is divine, as the mushroom sauce is some of the best I’ve tried).  Being a steakhouse, you should also know that they make a mean steak, always cooked to perfection and with a great range of cuts.


I’m still dying to try the Bordelaise and Bone Marrow Rump, as it sounds absolutely mouth-watering.  I may actually head to our nearest branch in Hillcrest and use my app!

With the Entertainer, you can grab 2 for 1 main meals.

Starbucks, Florida Rd and Gateway

If you’re yet to check out the Starbucks franchises in KZN (or if you have already and you’re an addict like me), then know that you can use your Entertainer there too!


I’m a hardcore lover of their Frappuccinos, especially in our sultry Durban summers.  Their Strawberries and Cream one is so delicious you’ll want another, and another, and ANOTHER.  I’ve also tried their Shaken Iced Green Tea which was super refreshing.


With the Entertainer, you can grab 2 for 1 beverages and main menu items.

Republik, Hillcrest

Republik in Hillcrest has become a regular haunt for Hubs and myself, with us often stopping in for a G n T or one of their delicious craft beers on tap.  Their coffees are also phenomenally good!


While their burgers usually rule the rumour-roost (and with good reason, they’re nothing short of perfection), I feel like their drinks are equally as good.  We’ve discovered some new craft beer loves there (Mad Giant Killer Hop you blew both of our minds, and Poison City The Punk Rocker is one of Hubby’s other favs).  They also have a super range of craft gins and tonics, and their coffee is house branded too.


With the Entertainer, you can grab 2 for 1 on selected house beverages.



Do you fancy the idea of any of these places?  


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  1. candice

    These look like some great places! I will remember these when hubby and I go to Durban in December

    Candice |

    1. Siobhan

      Yes there are other amazing places too if you don’t have the app – pop me an email if you want more suggestions! xxx

  2. Tatum

    Love all of these & another goodie is La Verdure in hillcrest for Breakie or lunch & Stretta!

    1. Siobhan

      Ooohhh yes I love both of those too! I swear if I’d included every single place I love on the app, you’d still be reading on Christmas Day haha xx

  3. Carolyn

    Are there any restrictions about using main meal and drinks vouchers at the same time?

    1. Siobhan

      It depends – some places allow you to use one of each for a meal, other places say you must choose either drinks or food. It’s a bit frustrating, but check with the waiter when you arrive! xx

  4. Carolyn

    Yes – it’s hugely frustrating! They should disclose any restrictions upfront in the app.
    Thanks for your reply.

    1. Siobhan

      I know. We’ve had issues before where we went to a restaurant and they insisted that you have to purchase a beverage to qualify for your 2 for 1 meal, and that my passionfruit and water did not count. I complained and they passed it through, but what irritates me is the inconsistency! I think it’s not entirely the fault of the Entertainer though – the restaurants do not train their staff with regards to the app and how the deals work. And there should be one rule THROUGHOUT, not this inconsistent rules for each place. That particular incident was NOT disclosed in the app and I did report them.
      Take the time to speak to someone on the live support, they’re very helpful. It’s also necessary to make complaints against a venue that gives you hassles when claiming – that way they can sort out all the bugs and get it working smoothly.

  5. Carolyn

    Okay great! I appreciate your detailed response! Will give that a go 🙂

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