Treat your pets (& their gums) with Pedigree

I’m sure that by now, you’re all well acquainted with the furry love of our lives, Luna.  She is the most precious little creature!

Doesn’t that happy face just make you want to cuddle her???

We adopted Luna through the organisation KZN Valley Dogs in August last year (she turns 1 year old on 24 May this year), and she has filled a gap in our lives we never even knew was there.  She truly is our little fur baby.

I mean – those eyes tell you EVERYTHING!

Being the pampered pooch that she is, she also has quite an appetite, not only for food but also for treats.  I blame this on a few things – one being the fact that she knows exactly where the treat cupboard is in the kitchen.  Anyone in the kitchen in the evenings knows this, as she’ll stand there and ‘talk’ to us until she’s rewarded with a treat.  If you check out my Luna highlight on Instagram, there’s even a video there – I was working in the kitchen and she was demanding treats, but I didn’t hear at first with my earphones in, so she called Hubs from our room to tell him!  Cheeky little thing!

I love how she sleeps in these crazy positions – and look at those beautiful pearly whites!

The only thing is – you have to choose their treats the right way.  There is no point overloading your dog’s diet with extra calories that aren’t beneficial to them in any way.  For many dogs this can lead to obesity (not really an issue in Luna’s case as she’s a lithe and limber greyhound), or it can cause other health and oral health issues.  You also don’t want to give your pups treats that can damage their teeth.


I put a little research into what treats to give Luna on a daily basis, and so far there has been one treat that has worked the best.  Pedigree Dentastix not only satisfy her need for a tasty treat, but they’re healthy for her!

I decided from the beginning that Luna would have to get treats that would help with her oral health.  Not only do you not want to receive kisses from a smelly-breathed hound, but 4 in 5 dogs over the age of 3 years actually suffer with gum disease due to poor oral health.  This doesn’t just affect your dog’s breath, but can cause all sorts of other complications, and is all caused by plaque and tartar build-up around the gums.


Pedigree Dentastix have a unique shape to them – a sort of cross-shaped stick – that, combined with it’s slightly abrasive texture and active ingredients, works to clean your pooch’s teeth and gums, reducing tartar build-up by 80%.  Not only this, they’re low fat and sugar free (yay for health!) AND they’re super tasty!  Luna adores them, more so than any of the other teeth-cleaning treats on the market (I actually mentioned them in my February Favourites).  Plus, they truly make a difference to her breath – a real bonus when she LOVES to give us full-face kisses at any given time.

She sits and waits so patiently for her treat – such a good pup!

What I love about the Dentastix, is that they come in 3 different sizes too – small, medium and large breed.  This way you’ll always be able to find a size to suit your pup.

I’ve found the Pedigree Dentastix easily available at my local supermarket (Spar and Checkers always stock them).  You can also purchase them online on Takealot.


*This post is in collaboration with Pedigree.


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